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10 Dysfunctions of Christians and Work

If life was perfect, would you still work?

I would.

I love work. I tell people all the time that I have the best job on the planet! Why not? I am an executive leader at a technology company that dominates in our market. I get to work with some of the most dedicated and creative people I know, with amazing customers who want to partner with us to change their organizations, and as CTO I get to play with the coolest tools and toys! Of course its amazing!

Yet, like everyone I am sure, I struggle from time to time to even get out of bed and get to the office. Why is that? I have learned that when this is happening, it is because of an unhealthy relationship with me and work. A dysfunction between me, and my relationship with work and what work is intended to be in my life.

In this podcast, I unpack 10 Dysfunctions Christians have with Work. 10 perspectives that are unhealthy. 10 ways our relationship with work sucks the life out of us; and 10 ways God has intended work to be life giving to us and a source of real blessing, fun and strength

Future blogs will get into details about each of these dysfunctions. For this podcast, I believe God wanted me to provide an overview of these dysfunctions and how God wants to redeem us in our work life. Like a mosaic, this specific message gives us a better picture, when we take a step back.

This message was delivered at my home church, The Father's House, in San Marcos California. The full message includes a great perspective from our pastor, Dan Daugherty and you can get to the complete message by clicking here. For this podcast and the sake of time, we have edited this version to this specific topic. I also wanted to post this for Labor Day, when so many people are wondering if they are in the right job or place of work.

Below are the notes from this podcast. Our prayer is that it is a blessing to you and your family; and as a result, you find a renewed strength, enthusiasm and purpose in your work. Go get after it! Live out your gifts in you job. Watch God show up at work and reward your heart after excellence.

If your interested in me and my work, click here to watch a recent keynote from me about tech and changes in our industry.

As always, we would love to pray with you over your work and how God wants to bless you. Click here to connect with us.

Notes for this podcast:

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