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Identity Theft

Identity Theft - Move The Fight Forward

You and I are targets of identity theft. Although maybe not the way you’re thinking.

Sure, we are targeted every day by those who seek to steal our identities for the purpose of stealing our wealth or accessing information that is supposed to be protected and exclusive to us. Think of all the things that are associated with our identities. Cash. Retirement. Property. Marriage. Business databases. My ability to vote or drive a car. The evidence that I even exist is all tied to my identity. It’s no wonder why identity protection is a multi-billion dollar industry.

Yet none of this compares to a more valuable attempt to steal our identity. The Bible tells us that you and I are adopted as sons and daughters of the Most High God, because of what Jesus has done for us. What would life be like if we lived it based on the confidence and authority in our identities as sons and daughters of God the Father through Jesus? We would have access to every resource in heaven. We would have confidence that what we prayed for would happen. We would overcome destructive patterns and habits we have in our lives because insecurity would be gone and self-worth would be established. We would love life and live life winning at both the “short-game” and the “long-game”.

If we can grasp the meaning of our identity as sons or daughters of Father God, it would change everything. My prayer is that this “identity shift” happens for you. This podcast is from a recent men’s conference hosted at the Father’s House, called Move The Fight Forward and specifically unleashes the power of understanding our identity and translating this identity into a powerful, authority driven life. Together, we will destroy the myth of “all I need is just enough” and dive into a Christian view of blessing and life abundance. Not because we’re necessarily amazing, but because an amazing God sees us as His sons and daughters and transfers everything He has to us as His kids.

Click here to watch the YouTube, complete with notes.

Click here to listen or download the podcast.

There is more from Move the Fight Forward, including amazing and powerful messages from my friends Masaki Matsumoto and Pastor Dan Daughterty. Click here for more messages.

Janele and I would love little more than to hear from you and join you in praying a strong identity for your life and that God the Father would release in you the access and purpose that comes from understanding your identity. Click here to connect with us.

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