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No blaming, or defending...just moving the fight forward!

Masaki Matsumoto is a modern day hero. You may not be able to pick him out of a crowd or see him as a celebrity, but to the countless hundreds, maybe thousands of young people he has loved, he is a force that has changed their lives.

Named Coach of the Year by the LA Times, and leading a no-named team to a championship level, ESPN was so compelled by his story and results, that they had to tell his story. Click here to see it for yourself. You won’t be the same.

Janele and I saw this for the first time a few years ago. We began to pray that God would somehow introduce us to someone like Masaki who had the same heart we did for young people. One Saturday morning, I believe God prompted me to “stop looking for someone like Masaki. Connect with him. Now! This very moment.” So, after stalking him one line for a few hours, I found the phone number to the weight room at the High School he coaches at and decided to call. At 10am on a Saturday, he answered the phone, and that started a friendship.

Masaki and I both spoke at Move the Fight Forward recently. A joy for me. Powerful transformation for the men there.

You need to hear the story behind the story. We often see someone amazing and say “I want to be like that” without any idea of the price that person has paid to become so impactful. This short time with Masaki will reveal the price he has been willing to pay for the opportunity to love young people and extend the heart of Jesus to so many who have lived a life without love, purpose or hope. Click here for the YouTube link with pictures from Move the Fight Forward.

Click here for the podcast on SoundCloud.

Wait there’s more? Yep. Click here for a impromptu few moments with Masaki and me as we talk “unscripted” about life and what’s next.

My prayer for you is that you listen to this story over and over again. Let it inspire you about the impact you can have with someone younger than you. Ask yourself “can what I do for work, be an expression of God’s heart for someone else?” Not preaching. Just caring for people.

After Masaki’s message, we at Move the Fight Forward gathered in small groups and worked together to tackle a couple of life’s big issues. Who were the people that have impacted our lives the most? Were they pastors, or just people who cared enough to enter into our situations? Secondly, how do we “win at the short game, and win at the long game”? Winning at work, home, family...and winning in heaven? We took these small groups and consolidated a list of the top 10 ideas. Click here to read more about this and discover the Top 10 ideas about winning at the short game and long game in life.

Click here for my message about Identity Theft, also from Move the Fight Forward.

Janele and I appreciate hearing from you and you passing this on to others. Let us know how to pray with you. Click here to connect with us.

#MasakiMatsumoto #MovetheFightForward

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