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Moving from Guilt to Confidence

Kings and Priests - Moving from Guilt to Confidence

Pastor Dan Daugherty

97% of Christians don’t earn a pay check from ministry. Only 3% of us as believers are “Professional Christians”. So what does this mean to the rest of us? How is life suppose to work for those of us who don’t have a paycheck from a church or ministry?

We often believe that the ultimate expression of being a Christian is being a pastor. For some of us it is. For all of us, the ultimate expression of being a Christian is being Christ wherever it is we work and live. We are all called to a dual role of Priest and King. For some, 3% of us, its a Priest-King role. For most of us its a King-Priest role. Regardless of the balance, we as men live both roles and identities.

Your role as King is just as important to the Kingdom of God as being a Priest. Yet, we as men don’t always see this. In this podcast from Pastor Dan Daugherty, Pastor Dan (PD) hits three critical truths about living as a King and a Priest.

  • Men are motivated by RoI (Return on Investment). We live out our best lives when we understand that God is a rewarder and that there is a return on our investment as a King and a Priest. God gives back top us when we work in these roles, in a way that “we can spend it” here and in the life to come.

  • So often we make choices that result in guilt. The cure for guilt is confidence. When we our life choices are aligned with our role as King and Priest, we walk in confidence. Judgement is blessing.

  • Life is not a practice for the big game later. The big game is now. We enjoy life when we understand that we have both a practice that hones our gifting, and a game where the score matters.

This podcast takes us on an inspiring journey that builds an assurance that we as men are accepted bu God the Father. There is a boldness and assurance that happens when we are accepted, especially by God. It ends in a powerful ministry and prayer time that you can take possession of for yourself and receive the blessing that comes from a man’s life as King and Priest. Find out more about Pastor Dan Daugherty by clicking here to get to The Father's House in San Marcos, Ca.

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