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Father God

Have you considered all the names we have for God, and yet, Father is the name He chose for Himself? In the New Testament, Jesus told us stories about the Kingdom of Heaven. Parables. These parables are autobiographies of sorts, God telling stories about God. In many of these stories the key figure is a father, and the father in the story is God. We see a protective, loving father seeking a relationship with friends, co-workers and his own children. Willing to sacrifice what he has to embrace sons and daughters that he loves.


So why does God the Father often get such a bad rap? Could it be because we as men don’t live in the fullness and joy of the title and role of Father? I have a different way. A “higher way”, that calls us as men up to a place we are destined for. A place of respect and authority. A place where there is freedom from guilt or abandonment. A place where we live out the highest purpose any man can have. Father.

Every one of us is on a journey to understand who we are and who God is. Some of us are further down the path than others. Each of us, has to come to an understanding of our own identity. Who we are, what name we carry, where we enter into our social circles is derived from our father. According to God’s design, our father is to help establish our identity.

The trouble for most of us is that our father didn’t do this for us very well. All sorts of reasons, which is a topic for another day. Today, we will just say that for more than 50% of millennials, life has been fatherless, at least for the early years.

Is it any wonder why we tend to see God as more of a boss then a Father? We think of Him as someone who is measuring our value. Sizing us up to the next candidate who can do better. If we are good, then we will “get paid”. Never truly understanding the love and affection God has for us. Why? Because we don’t see God as a Father.

We see hard times as punishment or “lessons” from a God who is a boss, and is unhappy with our performance. We live life trying to build an identity, rather than accepting the basis of our identity as a son or daughter of the Most High, because we can’t trust God as a Father. God wants to change this with you. He wants you to know him as a son or daughter and God Himself as a Father to you.

Fathers Day. This simple day often brings with it mixed emotions and to some more of a sense of failure or abandonment then any thought of celebration. It’s no wonder. I have a gift for you. Click here and listen to my Father’s Day message and let God show you His kindness and purpose for your life. As men, I pray that you would receive the calling of Father on your life, the highest calling any of us as men can aspire to. It doesn’t matter if your have children yourself, Father is the central role for us as men to the community and lives we share. I am convinced that there are few things more powerful then a blessing spoken over us by a godly father.

Perhaps you have struggled with a life that has been hurt or damaged by a father. Many of us have never heard a father speak a blessing over us. Many have never received an identity from a father or mother that is godly and purposed. Janele and I believe that core to our purpose is to extend as spiritual parents of sorts, the blessing and cover so many need. How about we pray together?

Put your hand over your heart, would you, and pray this prayer out loud.

“Father God, I receive you as a Father in my life. A protector, a provider, one that calls me by name and knows who I am. I am thankful that your son Jesus gave me permission to be adopted by you, and from today forward, I am never alone. Never without guidance. Never without purpose. Amen”

I pray today’s Father God, “ that you children know you as Father and can trust you. That you build a home for them in their hearts. That you make it clear to them that you are proud of them. That shame is not part of them, and that abundant love is. I pray Father God that you put your name on them, and they have an identity that starts with son and daughter with you. I bless them with every good thing, with abundance and life. In Jesus name...Amen”

This message was shared at The Father's House in San Diego.

If you would like us to pray specifically for you, click here. We would love to love on you.

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