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Life Happens in the Kitchen

Life happens in our kitchen.

I suppose it does in most people’s homes. Yet, one thing we think we have learned is that many families, especially young ones, don’t know the simplicity of spending time together.

Yes. The kitchen is where we make our meals…but more than that, it's where life is shared.

Whether it's a thanksgiving dinner or having a tea party with the grandkids, life in our house seems to center in the kitchen where food is shared and conversations about life and “what’s next” seem to naturally happen. When you have 8 grandkids, 4 of your own, and countless that you love like your own, the kitchen is a busy place. What we want for you, is an opportunity to join us in these life moments, because most of us don't have family to live with in their kitchen. We might share a recipe, or just some words about life from a mother’s perspective. Or, we might be able to share a conversation we are having with others in our kitchen.

Either way, the purpose is to share our heart, and to share what we know about Father God with you, the way we might share with each other. Nothing too complicated. Just life, and a healthy dose of love, to help each other rise up to who God has called us to be.

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