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Conversation Happens at the Table

What's the dinner table like for you guys?

For us, it can be noisy and chaotic, or it can be simply dinner with the two of us. Whatever the occasion, it seems the “deep and meaningful” conversations happen around the table. Thanksgiving for us is usually a big affair. I tell Janele that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Our Thanksgiving table is often filled with kids and grandkids, friends and even people we really don't know. It's mouths that are full and “catching up” and conversations about where life is headed. Yet, regardless if dinner is 2 turkeys and a ham, or something for four, the conversation always seems to get down to what's happening in life and how can we help?

It's mouths that are full, and conversations about where life is headed…

Here’s our invitation to you.

Will you have a conversation with us about life? The Bible says, “the way of life winds upward for the wise” Proverbs 15:24. Blessing on top of blessing. Moving toward heaven. Ever elevating your life. When we are wise.

Let’s talk together about wise things. About who we know God to be. How God the Father sees you. How you, as a son or daughter of His, has everything you need to live life fully, wise, with blessings on top of blessings in easy times and hard.

We invite you to our table, to share a conversation about life and the heart of God the Father toward you.

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